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About the Champ Sauce

We here at Champ Sauce believe in quality. Champ Sauce eliquid was created by Vinny a.k.a SVAworld on youtube and had been in the works for 2 years prior to release as he wanted it to be as near perfect as could be. Champ Sauce is made with only the premium quality flavourings to make you actually feel as if you have taking a sip from one of the cocktails this juice range is modeled after, 


The range Champ Sauce consists of 3 flavours modeled after extremely popular cocktails and some of Vinny's favourites. At a 70vg/30pg ratio you get the best of both worlds with flavour and clouds! The cocktails are an Espresso Martini, SEX on the beach and Porn Star Martini! Each one perfectly crafted and made in the UK


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Champ Sauce eliquid